July 22, 2019

The Great Canadian Roadshow (GCR) and our Muzeum storefront in Toronto have over a decade of experience appraising and buying your gold coins, bullion, and jewellery. In fact, we’ve paid out over 25 million dollars to the general public all across Canada – and that doesn’t even account for our travels in Europe and Asia! Our reputation is built on trust, reliability, and exceptional customer service. With us, you’ll always get the best prices for your gold, guaranteed – if you find someone with a better-written offer, we’ll beat it by 10%. You can’t get service like this anywhere else.

We know that trying to sell your gold in Toronto can be stressful. You might be asking yourself:

  • Is my unused jewellery worth anything?
  • Is there any value in my old collectibles and antiques?
  • Are these coins and/or bullion really made of gold?
  • How can I tell the value of my items?
  • Should I even bother to bring this item in?
  • Who can I trust to give me a good price for my gold and other items?

With all these questions swarming through your head it’s easy to feel nervous or hesitate to enter a store that buys gold; what if you get taken advantage of because of your lack of knowledge? But when visiting us at Muzeum you don’t have to worry about a thing: the moment you enter our store you’ll be warmly welcomed and treated with the utmost respect. Every question is welcomed, and you’ll quickly have your mind put at ease.

Our experts are knowledgeable and informative, and are happy to take the time to talk you through our process and also explain how items are valued. You’ll be impressed by the efforts we go through to ensure that you are getting a fair price – our process involves:

  • Using an extensive database to research your item’s rarity.
  • Testing your items for precious metal content, such as gold, silver, or platinum.
  • Determining the purity of your precious metal (for example, 14k Gold is 58.5% pure).
  • Weighing the items on certified and approved scales.

Based on the items’ rarity, precious metals used, purity, weight, and the current stock market price of the metal, we determine the payout. While a number of places will pay you the insurable value of your items, what we pay for gold and silver is based off daily market values that are openly displayed on our homepage.

An Essential Part of How We Do Business

Why is transparency so important to us? For starters, honesty and integrity are characteristics that we value and are at the core of everything we do. Max Smirnov started the Great Canadian Roadshow back in 2010 with his associates because he was passionate about antiques and collectibles, and wanted to share that passion with people all over the world. For everyone at Muzeum and the GCR, appraising your gold items isn’t just about the transaction – it’s also about the discovery. Our goal is to ensure that every customer leaves feeling happy and satisfied with their experience.

When you think about it from a business perspective, there are also advantages to practicing transparency. Studies have shown that consumers are much more likely to be loyal to a brand that offers full transparency about the way they do business. A key part of this is maintaining open communication between a company and its customers, whether it’s online, in-store, or over the phone.  

Call us anytime and you’ll see that our representatives are friendly and patient, taking the time to answer your questions and give you whatever info you need.

A number of businesses will also set up social media accounts, that way they can establish a means of two-way communication between them and their customers. Creating an online presence is a simple and effective way to engage with them and offer an intimate look into your daily operations. That’s why we’ve set up our own Instagram and Facebook pages – so that we can hear directly from our customers and offer them a sneak peek into our world.

Being transparent is about building trust with our customers – and also with our employees. By being open with our business operations and clear about our goals, our employees trust that they are doing valuable work that’s honest and are working for a company that they can be proud of. The end result is that our employees feel like they are part of a family that works together to provide important services to our customers. When you speak to one of our experts you’ll be able to tell right away that they are passionate about their job and committed to our company. There is also no better referral system then happy customers and word of mouth! Check out our google reviews to give you an idea of the experience you will receive with Muzeum

We Buy More than Just Gold

Our reputation is built off more than just buying gold for fair prices. The Great Canadian Roadshow has been on the hunt for antiques and collectables and offering free evaluations to visitors for years. If for whatever reason we can’t buy your items then there’s the possibility of connecting you to someone from our vast network of collectors who are always eager to hear about a rare find.

You can bring in and have a number of items evaluated for free, including:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Coins
  • Bullion
  • Paper money
  • Jewellery (even if broken)
  • Scrap of precious metals, odd and ends
  • War and political memorabilia
  • silverware
  • Old or rare comic books
  • Old or rare toys/action figures
  • Movie collectibles
  • Watches and pocket watches and much more.

If an item has a story to tell, it’s worth even more. For instance, popular movie posters signed by directors or famous actors can bring in a lot of value, especially if they also wrote a few words. Newspaper clippings included with war memorabilia also offer more value, as collectors are mainly interested in the history of these pieces.

Learn more about Muzeum by visiting our website where we provide useful tips about how to recognize rare items or give us a call to get personal advice on any items you might be wondering about. Our transparent services will put your mind at ease when it comes to finding a trustworthy buyer of gold, collectibles, and antiques. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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