September 09, 2019

Muzeum isn’t just a place to sell gold in Toronto: you can also bring in your vintage toys and collectables for a free evaluation to see how much they are worth. We buy old toys like the ones from your childhood that you’ve stored away for safekeeping, and perhaps found when doing some much-needed decluttering. But before throwing those old toys away, why not sort through them and see if any of them are still in decent condition? Some old toys can end up being worth more than you could imagine.

Which Toys Are Valuable?

When sorting through your old toys keep an eye out for items that were popular and created before the 90s. You read that correctly: now even toys from the 90s are being labelled as “vintage” and can fetch quite a bit of money at auction! Here is a quick run-through of toys that might be worth something (from the 50s through to the 90s):

  • Vintage Barbie dolls – the original Barbie from 1959 can be worth $27,000
  • An original Easy - Bake Oven from 1963 can sell for $4,000
  • A first-edition Furby still in the box from 1998 is around $900
  • Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from the 1980s could be worth thousands
  • Star Wars action figures like the Canadian Boba Fett that sold for $6,250
  • Hot Wheels cars like the 1968 Cheetah Base Python that is valued at $10,000
  • Diecast cars like Dinky and Corgi cars range from $50 to $2000 when in their original packaging
  • Discontinued American Girl dolls like Molly McIntire, Kirsten Larson, Samantha Parkington, Felicity Merriman, and Kanani Akina
  • An original boxed Lite Brite is currently valued at around $4,000
  • Rare Pez Dispensers can be valued in the thousands
  • Cabbage Patch Kids like the 1985 James Dudley one that can be worth $3,000
  • Choice GI. Joe action figures can go for as much as $10,000

There are a number more that we can’t even fit on this list – for instance, comic books are another popular collector’s item that can be worth a lot, especially if they are older editions. If you’re interested in knowing your comic book collection value then it’s best to bring it into the store so that our knowledgeable staff can help you determine its value. Look out for comics where popular current-day superheroes made their first appearance, like the 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 where Spider Man made his debut.

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Do you have movie memorabilia like posters, props, or scripts? Vintage movie collectables can sell for a decent amount, just like the original Jurassic Park American poster from 1993 that is worth up to $700. You never know what kind of valuable collectibles you may have lying around your home, so it’s always worth doing some research to get an idea.

Determining the Collectable’s Worth

vintage collectable toys

The most valuable vintage toys are the ones that had a limited production, meaning that there are few of them in existence. For example, there were only twenty 1978 Luke Skywalker Kenner action figures ever created, making it an incredibly rare item today that is coveted by a number of collectors. It sold at auction for $25,000 US but it should be noted that it was sold in its original packaging and in mint condition.

As a kid, you probably didn’t think to take care of your toys for that fateful day in the future when they would be worth thousands of dollars. Leaving them in their original packaging is even less likely, but you can still get a decent amount of money as long as your old toys are in good condition.

Another factor to consider is how old the item is – the older, the more likely it will be worth something, especially if it’s an item that has been discontinued. This just makes the item even rarer and thus more in demand; though, this rule doesn’t always apply and often it’s just a matter of an item’s current popularity.

For instance, the Pokémon franchise has hit a peak recently in its popularity despite only being a product of the early 90s. Pokémon-related collectables, like the trading cards, are seen to go for quite a bit at auction – just like the rare pre-release holographic Raichu card that is worth over $10,000, which is worth so much because only around ten of them were made.

Doing a quick search online is a great way to get a general sense of how much your vintage toys might be worth, but if you’re not sure that’s why we’re here – Muzeum provides free evaluations and would be happy to take a look at any vintage item that you’d like to bring in. If your item is determined to have value, we will either buy it off of you or connect you to a collector who would be interested in purchasing it. Don’t let your treasured childhood items become trash – sell them to a collector who will appreciate them and give them all the love and care that they deserve!

Sell Your Gold and Silver

Where to Sell Your Gold and Silver

We are Toronto’s trusted source for selling gold, silver, coins, and paper money, as well the best place to sell gold jewellery. When it comes to selling gold, the prices you find at Muzeum are the best you can get, guaranteed – if you bring in a better-written offer we promise to up it by 10% (unless the item is bullion, where our starting price is already 95% of the spot price of the precious metal). Bring in your silver coins and jewellery, and we will determine their value by evaluating their precious metal content (how much silver is used) as well as the rarity level of the item based off the mint and/or condition.

No matter what item you bring in, we will evaluate it right in front of you so that we are transparent with our process and how the price is determined. So the next time you are looking to sell gold, silver, paper money, or vintage collectables like toys, comics, and movie posters, Muzeum is the place to go.

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