Muzeum is Toronto's most trusted gold buyer, coin buyer, silver buyer and bullion buyer. 

View the sections below to see the different types of gold, silver, coins, bullion and paper money that we purchase on a consistent basis.

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Muzeum is always in the market to buy gold coins  from all over the world and silver Canadian and American coins.

Our collectors look primarily for the silver years which are 1967 & earlier for Canadian Coins and 1964 & earlier for American Coins.

The major factors in evaluating coins are the amount minted in a specific year, the mint location, the variation and the condition.

Canadian Paper Money

Are you looking to sell your oldPaper Money and Banknotes? 

Paper money evaluations are based on the amount printed in a specific run, the serial number, the prefix, the signature and the overall condition. 

Popular Notes We Purchase Include: Bank of Canada | Dominion of Canada | The Royal Bank | Bank of Montreal | Bank of Toronto | Bank of Nova Scotia 

Imperial Bank of Canada | Union Bank of Canada | Canadian Bank of Commerce | Molson Bank of Canada 

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