July 16, 2019

At Muzeum, we buy your unwanted gold and are always keeping track of the latest market trends to provide you with the fairest prices. On our homepage, you can even view the day’s current gold bar/coins and jewellery prices for yourself.

Judging by current trends, it’s looking more and more like 2019 is a good year to sell your gold. News of rising prices has been circulating, and in April Reuters reported that experts were predicting a rise in demand that’s the highest it’s been in four years. Reasons are believed to be because of higher consumption by jewellers worldwide that is offset by a fall in purchases by central banks. Furthermore, they predicted that prices would average around $1,310 an ounce this year (up from $1,268 in 2018), which are the highest prices seen since 2013.

Well, what they predicted came true: in June gold prices were at their highest, breaking the $1,400 barrier after five long years. With all the activity surrounding gold, and the prices rising to enticing levels, you might be tempted to get out there and sell your gold and unwanted jewellery fast – but hold on a second before you do.

Know Who To Trust

As a trusted gold buyer in Toronto, we have earned ourselves a reputation built on transparency, reliability, and overall customer satisfaction. For Muzeum and its owners, it’s not just about buying items from people in order to turn a profit. Rather, we are interested in making sure that our clients are getting the most value for their items, but not every buyer can honestly say the same. When looking for a place to sell your gold and jewellery, keep in mind that not everyone has your best interests at heart and you may end up severely disappointed by your experience.

If you took the time to shop around you might find that quoted prices are dramatically different from store to store. This is because a number of buyers aren’t fair or transparent with their prices and will base their numbers off of the insurable prices rather than the actual sellable value. Sometimes they may even come up with a number that is simply based off a whim.

If you click here you’ll see that, unlike many other stores, Muzeum actually evaluates items right in front of you, taking the time to test and weigh precious metals to determine their purity. Our pricing is also based off real-time market values, rather than insurable ones, which we are very transparent about.

We buy a number of gold items, including jewellery:

  • Brand name
  • Broken and/or mismatched
  • Unmarked
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Bracelets
  • Charms
  • Pendants

Bullion from around the world, as well as minted items such as bars, coins, rounds and ingots:

  • Vintage, hand, and cast pours
  • All ages
  • All conditions
  • All manufacturers

Gold coins from all over the world:

  • Canadian Gold Coins such as centennial, Olympic, and Royal Canadian Mint Gold Coins
  • American Gold Coins such as Gold Eagles, Liberty Heads, and All Pre-1933 Gold Coins
  • All antique and ancient gold coins
  • Mexican Gold Coins
  • Austrian Gold Coins
  • Australian Gold Coins
  • And many more!

When you visit our store we take the time to explain the worth of your items to you and how exactly it was determined. The prices you find at Muzeum are the best you can get, guaranteed – if you bring in a better-written offer we promise to up it by 10% (unless the item is bullion, where our starting price is already 95% of the spot price of the precious metal)

Shopping Online

Since gold has been steadily increasing in value, there have been opportunists out there trying to take advantage of unwary buyers. A quick Google search will yield a number of online stores that advertise being able to easily buy your gold. Because buying and selling online is so common nowadays, it’s easy to think that selling your gold online should be safe and secure, but the Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises extreme caution. Just about anyone can set up their own online website and advertise that they will easily buy your gold when in fact they are not legitimate at all.

Exclusively online stores lack a major feature that brick and mortar stores can offer: accountability. If for whatever reason you don’t receive payment for your gold the most you can do is send out an email or attempt to make a call, but if you don’t get any response then you’re simply left hanging. Other problems can arise from online stores that lack a storefront, like:

  • The buyer claiming that they never received the jewellery
  • Shady terms and conditions that include hidden fees
  • Prices that aren’t at all reflective of the current market values
  • Poor return policies that leave sellers empty-handed

To avoid being scammed, always be sure to check on the reputation of the company you’re dealing with on the BBB’s website, and even then, do a thorough read-through of their terms and conditions so that you understand fully what you’re getting into.

Muzeum and the Great Canadian Roadshow are a trusted Canadian brand that has been buying and selling gold for years. When you use our services you can rest assured that you are in good hands, and if you ever have any problems we are always on-hand to discuss any issues you may have.

Trusted Canadian Brand

Call us anytime to learn more about why we are the most trusted buyer of gold, coins, paper money, and collectables in Canada. You’ll discover that as the storefront of the Great Canadian Roadshow, Muzeum runs off the fundamental values of helping people discover the treasures that they didn’t even know they had. Your collectables are worth more than their monetary value – we treasure the objects you entrust to us and make sure they are handled with the utmost care.

When coming in to get your gold coins, bullions, and jewellery appraised, you can trust that an expert will evaluate your items and ensure that you are getting the most out of your sale – even if that means connecting you to other collectors that we know through our vast network. Depending on the collectable, your item may be able to go to a happy home where it can find the appreciation it deserves.

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