About Us

After travelling the world and hosting thousands of roadshow events, we have created an extensive network of collectors, end-users, experts, buyers and sellers.

Using this network, we create bidding wars to get maximum value for your items, heirlooms and family treasures. Whether gold and silver jewellery, collectible coins, memorabilia and everything in between - Muzeum connects you with a network of thousands of collectors.


A Short Letter, 

Rare Collectibles, Fine Jewellery, and Precious Metals. These are our dreams and our passions. They are your history and our world. The art and history and the beauty of the special objects we come across never ceases to amaze us. Our mission and pride is bringing these rare and unique pieces to homes in Canada, and across the world. Every person deserves the opportunity to own a special piece of our shared cultures. Something by which to help us remember the beauty of the past and appreciate the hope of the future.  

Muzeum was founded by a group of people who had travelled the world. Many on our team worked for international companies. Many came from the Great Canadian Roadshow. Having been in this industry for half a century, and with industry partnerships in several major cities, our dreams continue to become realities. Those realities are informed by our three fundamental values: integrity, expertise, and a love of our work. Of these, the first and last are what we look for in every new hire.

Muzeum's role takes many capacities. Our job as caretakers of the items we sell, directly and on your behalf, extends from evaluating that item to delivering it, and collecting payments for you. Our experience over years, countries, and cultures helps us understand what buyers sellers, collectors, individuals, and other houses prefer.

Our ability to deliver experience and knowledge underscores our value proposition. Across fields and studies, we combine that expertise with our reputation and judgement to better inform and service you. In doing so, our goal is to create and materialize as much intrinsic value for your item as possible. By organizing and marketing that, we have found buyers pay significantly higher amounts. They do so because what many of us forget is that the item is a means to feel history, not the other way around.
Maxim Smirnov, 
Owner of Muzeum