February 23, 2020

Determining how valuable your Canadian coins may be is overwhelming, especially if you’re not a coin expert. Thanks to the precious-metals specialists at Muzeum, we offer a keen eye and deep knowledge of this space to better serve our customers looking to get a healthy return on their coin collection.

At Muzeum, we are constantly interested in purchasing a wide variety of coins. The most common we see are Canadian and American gold and silver coins, but due of our extensive database of collectors, we are always interested in coins minted worldwide.

Coins circulating around the world will be a topic for another post, so below is a helpful guide on the many different types of lucrative Canadian coins you may have around your home, so be sure to bookmark this blog post and return to it when you come across new collectibles.

It should be noted the value of your coins includes factors such as how rare the item is, how many were minted, the variation or type of the coin, the condition of the coin and its age.

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Leaf It Be

If there’s any iconic symbol to represent Canada, it’s the maple leaf. This image is imprinted on the 1 oz Gold Maple Leaf coin, first issued in 1979. It’s regarded as legal tender in Canada and carries a face value of $50. These coins are composed of 99.99% pure gold, so the value greatly exceeds the face value. At the current market, a 1 oz gold coin is worth $2000+

Not a far cry away from many Royal Canadian Mint coins, the obverse of the 1 oz Gold Maple features a right-profile view of Queen Elizabeth II designed by coin artist Susanna Blunt, where there will also be inscriptions of “ELIZABETH II,” “50 DOLLARS,” and “2020.”

A miniscule textured maple leaf, a security measure from the Royal Canadian Mint, is just visible under the larger one. The coin’s year of issue can be found on the small leaf under magnification, and the engravings “CANADA,” “FINE GOLD 1 OZ OR PUR,” and “9999” are also found on the reverse

Royally Canadian Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint’s gold coins is also something you would be likely to find in your collection, featuring everything from Canada’s fauna to historical events and the iconic maple leaf.

Their value can be head-turning: for example, the pure-gold 1-kg coin dubbed “Reimagined 1905 Arms of Dominion of Canada”, with only 25 minted, can cost around $83,000 each, so imagine if you held onto that coin, how valuable it may be down the road.

The 99.999% Pure Gold Fractional Set is one of the first of its kind to feature a full hologram on the reverse, and costs at a baseline of $4,400 each.

Olympic Metals

Olympics fever touches even the most skeptical sports fan, but it also reaches out to folks who collect coins.

Canadians were treated to not just a mid-70s Olympics but also the 1976 Montreal Olympics commemorative coins, available at 14 or 22 karats.

The 14K coin is 27 millimeters in diameter, weighs 13.3375 grams and features a raised, beaded edge around its circumference. It contains  7.775grams of gold, so to calculate the value of the coin just multiply the current spot price of gold and multiply that number by 7.775.

The 22K 1976 Olympic gold coin features a raised, beaded edge and boasts 15.55 grams of gold.

Also in demand are the $10 and $5 Olympic coins from 1976 that are made of sterling silver. Their value is equal to the amount of silver they contain multiplied by the current value of silver. These coins were never circulated but were made available for collectors.

Historical Highlights

Most attractive to collectors – and thus earning more ROI for you – are pre-1967 coins, of any denomination.

For example, the 1928 George V 25-cent coin can fetch you as much as $98, if it’s in top condition.

A five-cent piece circa 1909, which sports a bow-tie hugging leaves, can be as lucrative as $2,190 each.

Dollar coins could also attract top dollar, such as the 1948 coin (as much as $1,500) or the 1935 JOP Counterstamped coin (as much as $1400)

Did you know there was a 20-cent coin in Canada, only issued in 1858? If you happen to have this rarity, expect a valuation topping out at $1,470 if the coin is in mint condition.

Making Sense of Centennials

Not to be dismissed are coins called Centennial Gold Coins, issued in 1967. We’ve seen collectors offer these coins that commemorate the centennial of Canadian confederation at a price hovering around $1,100 mark, so dig through your collection to determine if you got one of these beauts hiding away.

We have also seen Centennial Coin sets, which include both silver and gold coins, with the metal weight for the set at 0.5288 troy ounces of gold, and 1.11 troy ounces of silver. Often these sets are protected by cases outfitted with a felt bottom to better protect and safeguard the coins.

Those rare finds…

Uncirculated coins are also attractive to collectors.

This type of coin often falls into one of several categories: a coin that was released to the public but not made for general circulation, yet is available from mints or local coin dealers.

What this means is they haven’t been touched or handled by hands without the use of a protective barrier, such as a frame, case, or gloves.

Also an uncirculated coins could be a coin that has been officially graded by a reputable business with a grade of Mint State (MS) 60+.

And a coin could be valuable based on the process of which a coin is made. For example, the U.S. Mint makes specific adjustments to their minting process when creating uncirculated coins, which creates a more satin-like finish.

For example, a 1948 10-cent coin earned the seller $150, while a 1938 Silver Dollar received a payout of $850.

Muzeum and its group of collectors are always looking for the following coins:

  • Canadian Coins dated 1968 and earlier
  • American Coins dated 1969 and earlier
  • All gold and silver coins from around the world, no matter the year or condition!

At Muzeum, our team includes many numismatists and coin experts direct on location with over 25 years of industry experience.

If you’re unsure if your coin is authentic, Muzeum is here to help. Leave the testing and verification process to us and come in for your FREE in-person evaluation at our Toronto headquarters or contact us anytime.

We also provide FREE evaluations on gold jewellery, silver jewellery, paper money, small collectibles and more!


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