January 16, 2020

Muzeum’s executives are no strangers to earning press coverage, due to how well-known the collectibles and jewellery store has become in the Greater Toronto Area. But thanks to CTV News, Muzeum co-founder Daniel Ilmer was able to share more fascinating rarities with one of the most popular daytime newscasts in Canada.

On January 10, CTV News weather anchor Anwar Knight set up his broadcast at Muzeum’s headquarters on 14 Prince Arthur Blvd. in downtown Toronto. He shared with his audience several segments featuring Ilmer’s insight on what makes certain items valuable and how to find them around your home.

Muzeum edited all the segments featuring Ilmer into a seven-minute clip, available on YouTube and below:

Ilmer shared with CTV News impressive collectibles that made Knight gasp more than once. For example, the reporter was especially awestruck when Ilmer showed him the unique 1911 D coin, the Indian head variation, whose low mintage has elevated the coin to become highly sought by numismatists worldwide. 

Ilmer told Knight the coin on display could easily attract $20,000, and when the camera panned away from the reporter you could hear Knight exclaim, “Wow, and it’s so small!”

Muzeum has long been heralded to be a market leader in assisting coin collectors sell or buy rare coins, from across the world, and you can learn more about the coins Muzeum buys on this section of the site. 

Customers seek trusted specialists in coin authentication, because if you truly have a rare item you could be wading in the profits. Recently, an Ottawa auction house’s assessment specialist founda $500,000 Indian “half mohur” coin minted more than 400 years ago. 

According the auction house, ”excluding real estate, which the company also auctions, Walker said it was one of the top 10 sales the firm has made since it was founded by his grandfather in 1937.” 

Verifying such a find is integral for any trusted gold and coin specialist, such as Muzeum’s experienced staff.

In another segment of the broadcast, Ilmer told Knight, “It’s a common misconception that older items have more value, because it really comes down to scarcity.” He then told Knight about the term “provenance,” a common term in memorabilia buying. It relates to the proof of ownership evidence, since “anyone can say this hockey jersey or this stick was worn by a famous player,” Ilmer added.

Provenance items can include a photo of the seller getting the autograph in question, or a receipt showing a date and place of purchase of a particularly treasured collectible.

Muzeum has written extensively on the many ways you can make money by selling your sports memorabilia. Our specialists in this field are also available to take any questions you have about selling various sports collectibles.

Ilmer also revealed what can be valuable about certain old toys, especially if you have classic die-cast toys such as Corgi cars.  It was also made known to the audience that packaging of certain toys, especially if the box is in mint condition, can be attractive to collectors. You’ll never look at a boring old toy package again!

Muzuem’s most viewed blog post got the CTV News treatment when Ilmer told Knight about the immensely desired Devil’s Face Canadian bill, this time showcasing a $5 version. Ilmer echoed what Muzeum wrote in a post outlining which rare bills people could be selling for top dollar: “There is a major notable $1 note in Canada that will fetch you even more value than the regular one.

Launched in 1954, this notorious print is dubbed ’The Devil's Face’ bill due to some people thinking that the Queen's hair depicted looked sort of like a devil's face. They were taken out of circulation but a few still remain in Canada.”

Muzeum’s specialists have many stories about fielding visits from Canadians who came in with unsorted bills and coins, unsure about what they have, and walking out the door with thousands of dollars. One time, someone visited Muzeum with a box of various bills and coins and Muzeum’s staff found a 1935 French Banque du Canada $1000 bill. that sold for $15,000.

In another year, a seller visited Muzeum to inquire about the value of their unsorted coins, and the store’s assessment professionals discovered a  1906 small crown Canadian quarter. They later connected this seller to a collector who quickly handed over $1,000 for the rare coin.

The next time you’re digging through your drawers and closets during spring cleaning, you might find old bills and currency that you may think are worthless, but feel free to bring your collection to Muzeum so collectibles specialists can take a look and see whether you actually have a lucrative find on your hands.

Finally in this noon-hour broadcast, Knight’s cameraman showed off a piece of jewellery that could’ve come from Cleopatra herself. Ilmer explained how the necklace was made from 22-carat Indiangold and was priced at $20,000 due to its intricate peacock design and how it had to be custom made for the bride who wore it to her wedding.

Both Knight and Ilmer also briefly discussed how to find items around your home that you may want to bring to Muzeum for a free assessment. To add to their points, it’s also recommended to search your garage. “Like the attic, it's a common area of the home to store things you don't use often, and you may find a rare item that would make the stars of Storage Wars rub their hands in glee.”

CTV News has sought Muzeum’s before, as you can watch in this exclusive segment on a valuable Canadian flag. And in 2017,Global News talked to Muzeum professionals about finding the best items at garage sales. 

For years, Muzeum has been a fixture in Toronto thanks to its recognized and experienced specialists who help connect sellers with respected buyers, no matter the area of collectible. Gold jewellery has long been attractive to Muzeum buyers, but interested collectors can also bring in their rare currencies, antique furniture, sports memorabilia, unique toys, war-era medals and much more.

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