February 16, 2021

A new year, a new era in Muzeum, Toronto’s go-to store for anyone selling gold, silver, coins, and other collectibles. In January 2021, Muzeum moved from its longtime home at 14 Prince Arthur Avenue to 128 Cumberland Street in the heart of Toronto’s iconic Yorkville district. And it’s also making available a consultation service for anyone interested in learning to invest in precious metals.

“Cumberland Street is a destination and a hotspot for many Torontonians,” says Daniel Ilmer, VP of operations at Muzeum. “The street is always lively and we expect to attract a lot of attention from foot traffic.”

 Muzeum won’t be new to many insiders in the city’s precious-metals market. The business has positioned itself as a reputable gold buyer offering the best price guaranteed for gold and silver jewellery, coins, paper money and small collectibles. For anyone selling gold in Toronto, Muzeum has become a favourite for anyone looking to exchange their items for the best price.

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The Great Canadian Roadshow put Muzeum on the map, quite literally, as Muzeum’s team of precious-metals experts travelled from city to city across Canada to assess items people brought to the Roadshow grounds. Now the Roadshow has transitioned to a service that allows gold and silver owners to receive a free evaluation kit for Muzeum’s staff to assess the value of mailed-in items.

Over the  years, Muzeum attracted a wide array of media attention to its Prince Arthur store, from CTV News coverage to Toronto Sun feature articles. Muzeum has also enjoyed dozens of five-star reviews on Google.

What has elevated Muzeum past its competition is how it can connect owners with collectors almost immediately, which is why selling gold in Toronto is being made easier by the company’s methodology. “We also are very transparent about our prices and our assessment process, and we’ve been doing this for 20 years so we have a lot of experience in evaluating the value of anything with precious metal content,” says Ilmer.

This coming year, Muzeum is looking for a variety of items that can net their owners a healthy return: gold and silver coins, broken and unused jewellery, pocket watches, pendants, charms, sterling silverware, tableware and small collectibles such as war memorabilia and old toys (e.g. vintage die-cast cars).  Ilmer says they are looking for Canadians coins dated 1968 or earlier, American coins dated 1964 or earlier, and paper money pre-1954.


How to invest in precious metals a side service now available to Muzeum visitors

Joining Muzeum’s move to Cumberland Street is Muzeum’s sister business Global Bullion Suppliers, which offers expert investment advice related to precious metals. “Gold and silver can be used as an investment vehicle, and as safe haven assets they are more reliable than what we’re seeing in the stock market today,” Ilmer notes, mentioning the January news of the stock market turmoil caused by reddit users buying up thousands of Gamestop stocks and forcing hedge funds that bet against Gamestop to lose millions.

He says GBS is one of Canada’s leading bullion suppliers and its current offering includes physical tangible assets such as ounces of gold and silver (note that silver is now sold out across the world and new shipments should be arriving soon).  How to invest in precious metals isn’t always an easy task for those outside the industry.


“That’s why we also give free bullion consultations which teaches any prospective clients about the basics of bullion, what they need to know about buying and selling precious metals, and the inside story of the pricing behind different products,” Ilmer says.

He adds that Muzeum and GBS being in the heart of Yorkville, which is known for its haute couture and high-rolling businesspeople, can help catapult it to be top-of-mind for Torontonians looking to learn how to invest in precious metals.

But you don’t have to live in Toronto, or even Ontario, to take advantage of the two companies’ full suite of services. Ilmer says anyone interested in Muzeum or GBS can get in touch with them to schedule a remote meeting to discuss the items to be sold or to be bought.

For a free bullion consultation – schedule online with Global Bullionor contact Muzeum’s customer service team at 1 800 746 0902 , or contact the Muzeum team today.


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