September 01, 2017

When we launch our regular Great Canadian Roadshow events, where Ontario antique lovers come by to buy and sell collectibles from around the world, getting our Yorkville store ready for our many customers is crucial. 

We want to give you a peek behind the curtains to let you see Muzeum as we prepare for the Roadshow. This three-day event at our Toronto HQ invites anyone to check out the many items we have for sale, as well as talk to our antiques specialists to estimate the value of any item you bring in. 

As we've written before on de-cluttering your home, many of our visitors want to make more space available and earn some extra vacation money while they're at it. We have fattened many wallets for people selling coins, jewellery, war memorabilia, sports collectibles, vintage toys, old comics, antique watches and much more. Heck, we even came across a vampire-killing kit one time! 

Below are photos letting you see how Muzeum prepares for the Roadshow, and below each photo we'll explain what the photo depicts.

As always, if you have any questions regarding our Roadshow or visiting our gold store in Toronto, email

Inside Muzeum you can check out many items on display, from rare coins to paper currency you've never seen before to antique silverware. Our glass cases ensure the items available to peruse aren't marred by dust or constant overuse. Any of the items can be handled and inspected by our customers during our Roadshow or by special appointment.

In order for our fans to be aware of our items for sale, we feature on our website many high-quality photos of these collectibles and rare finds. In this photo, Muzeum managers Dan and Max shoot photos of a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha 1, manufactured in the 1970s. A lightbox allows them to get a pure white background to let viewers see the product and only the product.

Awaiting its turn to take the spotlight is a valuable NBA basketball signed by two megastars (and cousins AND former Toronto Raptors) Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady. In fact, McGrady was recently elected to the NBA's Hall of Fame Class of 2017.

You never know what you'll find at Muzeum! Besides jewellery, silverware and sports goodies, we feature on our shelves truly eye-popping items, such as this paper-mache Spiderman bust. This unique piece of art represents the kind of unique collectibles people bring to us at every Roadshow.

This photo displays our main space at Muzeum, with sports collectibles lining the left side and a table holding several rare weapons on the right. We've seen our share of swords, maces and antique guns, and if you have any such military memorabilia, we want to talk! You can bring as many items as you want to our Roadshow (just no live grenades, please :)

Muzeum manager Max Smirnov inspects a war-time helmet, ensuring its condition is up to the level when Muzeum received the item. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable on the value of collectibles from across the world, thanks to the eight years we've been running our Great Canadian Roadshow in Toronto and across Canada.

Find us at 128 Cumberland Street, in the heart of the Yorvkille district and steps away from Bay subway station. Now that you've seen how we get ready for our Roadshow, in next week's blog post we'll break down how the evaluation process works when you bring us your items to sell. 

Now that you've seen how we get ready for our Roadshow, in next week's blog post we'll break down how the evaluation process works when you bring us your items to sell. 

If you have any questions about Muzeum or the Roadshow, email us at

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