May 23, 2017

This could be a million dollar question, literally: Where can I search in my home to find valuable collectibles or rare finds that could be worth millions? After all, so many regular folks, as we'll illustrate below, have discovered lucrative items they found while casually rooting in and around their home.

Some found their fortune by luck. But you don't want to rely on luck. Right?

We wanted to provide you with a handy list of places to investigate to boost your chances of finding those collectibles that you may have never thought existed.

First, try your attic. If your home features such a space, root around the attic to see what may be hiding under boxes or a pile of clothes. It can be a dusty messy place, but if you do some spring cleaning in your attic (kill two birds with one stone!) you might find a collectible you may have forgotten when you first moved in. 

Many people store stuff in their attics when space on their ground floors are at a premium. Forgotten goodies might be resting comfortably in your attic, just waiting to be sold for a nice return. For example, a U.S. couple found a Superman Action Comics No. 1 dated 1938 - worth a staggering $1.5million - while looking around boxes in their attic.

Second, search your garage. Like the attic, it's a common area of the home to store things you don't use often, and you may find a rare item that would make the stars of Storage Wars rub their hands in glee. Garage-friendly items such as antique typewriters, vintage books and sports equipment and rare coins might be your ticket to some money that could help fund your next vacation.

The garage might also be the home of old children's toys your kids may have grown out of, but why not research the age of those toys? You might be in the possession of a unique toy a seller may want for top dollar.

Third, your closets could be harboring some fugitive goods that could be attractive to sellers. A funky adventure for you and your family could be searching through your house's closets, getting rid of unused clothing, and hopefully finding a rare collectible you neglected when you first moved in. Make sure you check those closet corners where some valuables might be hiding.

Fourth, check those walls! Meaning, all the artwork you've adorned on your walls could be displaying a painting that could be worth millions. To illustrate our point, a Norwegian home was in possession of a previously unknown landscape painting by master painter Vincent Van Gogh. It was the first full-size canvas by Van Gogh discovered since 1928.

A collectible you might find in your home is a rare painting, such as this Van Gogh artwork a Norwegian man found in his home

And finally, don't neglect your garden and barns and sheds. Many kids played in their backyards and gardens by burying toys or collectibles, and, as children do, they might've forgotten to dig up their booty. That's where you come in!

Coins and tools from gardeners or parents could also fall into weeds and garden beds, lying dormant for decades until an intrepid homeowner goes out to play gardener.

If you really want to be savvy about it, rent a metal detector and scan your property, including the front yard.  

Another inspiring example: A UK man found a lead statue in his garden undergrowth, worth more than £20,000. 

To recap: There's hidden money all over your home, from attics to closets to gardens, and if you take some time to do a house-hunt, you might find that rare collectible that could generate you and your family some impressive cash. 

If you end up finding an antique or collectible you would like appraised or sold, don't hesitate to contact us at!

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