Visit Muzeum's Great Canadian Roadshow in Toronto June 15 - 17

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Visit Muzeum's Great Canadian Roadshow in Toronto June 15 - 17

Our monthly Roadshow returns this week at our Yorkville flagship store!

The Great Canadian Roadshow lets you bring to us your collectibles, jewellery, antiques, sports memorabilia, coins and much more in order for us to assess the value of your old items.

After an assessment with our specialists, you might be walking home with a cheque!

This free event takes place June 15 to 17, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., at Muzeum (14 Prince Arthur Avenue in Yorkville).

Here's what you need to know:

Is there no better feeling than finding the right home for your old collectibles for the right price? Let our team of experts at the Great Canadian Roadshow get you energized and enticed with deep knowledge about the history and value of your gold, jewellery, old coins, etc. We even have a gemologist on site to analyze your jewellery and diamonds that you're looking to sell for cash.

Muzeum's extensive network of buyers gives us an edge over other retailers. We are connected with hundreds of collecters interested in valuable coins, rare jewellery, fine gold, unique finds, and sports memorabilia. 

If you need advice on digging through your home to find the right stuff to bring to Muzeum this week, read our recent blog post on finding collectibles around your home. 

We also offer some tips on prepping your gold jewellery for sale. For example: "If your collectible isn't dirty, we recommend not polishing it all. But if you're erring on the side of cleanliness, dish detergent and warm water along with a soft-bristle toothbrush are all you need."

To further inspire you, check out the story of Robert Goring, who found hockey skates around his home that were more than 100 years old and worn by Stanley Cup great Red Horner. 

An even rarer find: this locker key from the Titanic went on auction in 2016 and sold for more than $143,000! Not too shabby. 

You might not have an oddity like the above goodies but we've found that many people are unaware they might be sitting on a pile of money. Items stuffed in attics or closet corners are often forgotten and rarely unearthed, but at our Roadshow you can bring them to our specialists for a free evaluation and you might be leaving with a big cheque and a smile on your face!

Our experience over years, countries, and cultures helps us understand what buyers sellers, collectors, individuals, and other houses prefer. Our goal is to create and materialize as much intrinsic value for your item as possible. By organizing and marketing that ethos, we have found buyers pay significantly higher amounts for items compared to elsewhere.

Where is Muzeum? We're at the NW corner of Avenue and Bloor streets in downtown Toronto, only five minutes away from Museum subway station. Below is a handy map to help you find our store:

Many people come to our Roadshow to declutter and free up extra space around their home. So we welcome you to sift through your old collectibles and jewellery to get that peace of mind everyone wants around this time of year. 

If you have any questions about our Roadshow in Toronto, contact us at



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