February 03, 2018

If you're in the antiques business, as a buyer or seller, you want the most insightful and helpful news. Online magazines and news outlets are fantastic resources for getting the latest information on hot trends in antiques and collectibles, while also learning about specific items in-depth from experts around the world.

To help you sort the very busy world of antiques news sites, we list our favourite 5 sites you should be checking out regularly.

In no particular order...

Antique Trader

Serving the antiques and collectibles community since 1957, Antique Trader is the go-to magazine for anyone looking to learn about antique furniture, jewellery, ceramics and much more. The magazine's site not only features in-depth takes on specific items but also collector profiles, trend-spotting posts and events listings, broken down by month.

Their columns are especially intriguing to those who like to learn about the inside-baseball techniques in the space. For example, there's lots to learn in this column on avoiding the "attribution pit" whether you're buying or selling antique furniture.

Antique Trader may sound familiar to fans of our Blog section because we interviewed Antique Trader editor Karen Knapstein in our post on how to invest in antiques like a pro.

Collectors Weekly

This outlet features more than 1,700 vintage and antiques categories, which can be intimidating for first-time users. Navigating the site is quite simple and once you peruse long enough, you'll be nicely overwhelmed with a buffet of news, spotlights and columns on all types of collectibles.

We like the section Show & Tell, where users can share your favorite vintage items and antiques. 

Some of their posts go historical by tracking the origin stories of various collectibles, such as this post on political buttons or this overview of exquisite chess sets. 

A neat feature they include is a "Most Watched on eBay" box once you click on a collectible category, so you can see what's hot and what's not on eBay.

The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles

Now in its 15th year, this well-written monthly magazine has an editorial mix of news, columns and resource directories designed to appeal to antiques lovers of all levels. They also offer a monthly e-newsletter.

They also offer history-of posts similar to Collectors Weekly, but we found the Journal to go deeper than Collectors. For example, this post on metronomes was incredibly detailed, so much we want to learn even more about metronomes now!

eBay goodies are also all the rage for the Journal, so much so they have a section on their site dedicated to what's selling right now on eBay. 

For those wanting to stay updated on upcoming auctions, a page on the site lists the upcoming auctions by month, but note the listings are U.S.-based.

Military Trader

We found out more about this resource for military antiques when we spoke to Military Trader editor John Adams-Graf on what to look for with war memorabilia. Thanks to his team's dedication to fielding the top experts on all things military antiques, this magazine and website features thoughtful outlooks on various military antiques and memorabilia, while also dishing out advice for those neck-deep in the business.

Through our research, no other website has the kind of extensive knowledge of weapons and vehicles from the Great Wars, the Vietnam War and earlier. 

As a bonus for their readers, Military Trader also produces a podcast on all things wartime antiques.

Muzeum Blogs

We're clapping ourselves on the back here because the Muzeum team has worked diligently the past couple years to inform our fans on the many ways they can find value with their antiques and collectibles. Muzeum interviews the most experienced experts on everything from military antiques to art forgeries to vintage watches

We've written useful posts on determining what makes certain jewellery so expensive, which old Canadian bills are worth major cash, the value of classic music memorabilia and much much more.

We're always open to suggestions on what we should cover next in our Blog section so email us anytime at info@muzeum.ca

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