July 04, 2019

As you may already know, Muzeum is the storefront location of the Great Canadian Roadshow GCR, a passion project that was started in July 2010 by owner Max Smirnov and a group of like-minded associates. Since 2010, the GCR has become a full-fledged company that travels across North America, Europe, and Asia, looking for unique collectables that are full of history and have a story to tell. From large cities to remote rural locations, the GCR leaves no stone unturned and is driven by its leader’s passion for unearthing objects that represent the generations before us – sometimes even finding collectables that are over 100 years old.

How It Works

The GCR operates on the road with Muzeum acting as its main headquarters. When visiting a location we set up shop in a rented space and host an event inviting the locals to come by and visit us for free. You can bring anything in that you think might be worth something and get it evaluated by our experts at no cost. Sell your old collectables and receive payment on-site, or get the story behind a family heirloom that’s been hanging around in storage for ages.

That’s one of the beautiful things about what we do: bring life back into items that have been forgotten to time. Whether sparking curiosity, joy, or sentiment, the stories our expert appraisers tell have the power to connect people across generations, including those who come to us with items that passed family members have left behind.

What We Buy

old canadian bills

While items with family or local history are some of the most interesting finds, our appraisers will be happy to look at other various older items you bring in, including old Canadian bills worth anything as well as old coins, memorabilia, collectables, and more.

Bills and Coins

We buy all Canadian coins pre-1968 and American coins pre-1965. When looking out for bills to sell, don’t get hung up on the popular belief that the $2 Canadian bills that were discontinued in 1992 are worth anything (unless you have a specific combination of serial number and signatures). The rule of thumb with coins and paper money is quite simple – it comes down to scarcity. Depending on the amount of pieces that were minted or printed in a specific year, the variation or type, denomination, serials and other details directly impact the potential value. Evaluators of the Great Canadian Roadshow have years of experience when looking at these items – so take advantage of our free evaluation service.

Gold and Silver

The price of gold and silver is constantly fluctuating, and we are always transparent about our pricing as well as our evaluations. If you are ever presented with a higher written offer from one of our competitors, we guarantee that we will beat it by 10%. You can easily convert your unused jewellery, silverware, coins and bullions into a cashable cheque by visiting us on the road or by stopping by at our store.

Political Memorabilia

We have found that there has been a lot of interest in American presidential collectables of late, like the old tokens that were given out during presidential campaigns after 1789. John F. Kennedy memorabilia is especially popular with coins being a hot item often sought after by collectors, which includes encased pennies and silver inauguration medals from 1961.

Besides the usual campaign-related items, collectors are also on the look-out for other unique political memorabilia. Things like White House chinaware or something more out of the ordinary like a presidential board game can spark interest depending on the popularity of the president the item relates to.

When it comes to Canadian memorabilia lookout for old Canadian flags. Canada has an interesting history when it comes to flags, as evidenced by the flag Bob Harper brought to us back in 2017. It’s the only one that has flown on Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower that was signed by John Ross Matheson. A former MP that passed away in 2013, Matheson and his friends are credited with creating the final design that we use today as our modern Canadian flag.

Comic Book Collectables

comic book collectables

Over the past decade, comic book popularity has been making a massive resurgence thanks to movies like The Avengers, The Dark Knight, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, and a number of others. Old and new fans can rejoice at the amount of merchandise and comics that are steadily being produced in response to the rising popularity. You can easily find posters, action figures and figurines, board games, apparel, and new TV shows and movies are constantly being released.

But what many fans want can’t easily be made: old comic books that date back to the 1970s and earlier. In particular, low issue number prints where a popular superhero made their first debut will draw in the most interest from potential buyers. Our on-site experts can appraise a comic book that you think might catch the eye of a collector and easily let you know whether or not it is worth something.

Free Evaluations with the Great Canadian Roadshow

You may be one of the many people in your community who has hidden treasures in their home just lying around waiting to be discovered. Give us a call at 1‐800‐746‐0902 or contact us by email at info@muzeum.ca to receive a free evaluation and find out more about your gold, silver, coins, paper money and other small collectables.

Be a part of our story as we make our way across the world and uncover the treasures hidden in plain sight. If our experts are planning an event in your community, we will be able to provide on-site evaluations of various items like memorabilia, collectibles, as well as gold and silver coins, bullions, and jewellery. If interested in selling, you can receive money directly on location.

We also provide educational workshops where experts share our knowledge of appraisal and provide tips on how to make money in the collectables world. These informative sessions are a great way to bring the community together and learn something interesting about the industry.

If you are unable to visit our roadshow event, then come visit our storefront location Muzeum in downtown Toronto where you will get all the services we offer on the road with the benefit of having us close by whenever you need. Not able to make it to our storefront or an event? Reach out to us at info@muzeum.ca and find out about our mail-in service! Why wait for the Great Canadian Roadshow to come to you when you can cash in from the comfort of your own home with industry experts?

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