September 21, 2017

Navigating the busy world of antiques, collectibles and appraisals can be confusing, but we here at Muzeum know the ins and outs of this burgeoning space. That's why we have been bringing The Great Canadian Roadshow to many groups and organizations interested in learning more about the value of their vintage items.

The Great Canadian Roadshow is a traveling appraisal event that harnesses our knowledgeable experts to assess your memorabilia and antiques, from classic jewellery to rare coins to sports collectibles.

To give you an example of the rising interest in the Roadshow, we were contacted by Doors Open Ontario and the London Heritage Council to run a two-day taste of the Roadshow experience. Over a recent weekend, our team took over the London Convention Centre where we saw over 200 people and gave over 1,0000 personal property appraisals. 

The Londoners were thrilled to learn from our gemologists and antiques specialists. We offered feedback on the value of some truly treasured items, such as a W.J. Phillips original sketch that we purchased on behalf of collectors. 

We also conducted several interactive talks on topics ranging from how to buy antiques, to the pros and cons of buying gold and silver. Our "students" left better informed and well-suited to buy and sell antiques, which is something many Canadians are hungry to learn. 

The interest in London was extremely high, as our GCR team was also interviewed by CBC and CTV to learn more about the Roadshow and how to determine if your antiques are valuable.

Doors Open Ontario was established by the Ontario Heritage Trust to help communities across the province "open the doors, gates and courtyards of their unique and most fascinating cultural sites so you can explore the stories hiding inside." 

From April to October, residents and visitors are invited to discover first-hand Ontario’s hidden heritage treasures, some of which have never been open to the public.

Since the program began in 2002, nearly seven million visits have been made to thousands of unique buildings and spaces.

The Great Canadian Roadshow is built on the premise that you might be sitting on treasures in your own home and not even know it. Our Roadshow has brought our antiques expertise across Canada, putting cash in the hands of sellers who wish to have their items appraised and sold. Thanks to our vast network of buyers and collectors, we help people sell thousands of items annually, from coins to gold necklaces to sports collectibles to war memorabilia

Muzeum, based in the Yorkville neighbourhood of downtown Toronto, also frequently runs its Great Canadian Roadshow, which allows GTA residents to visit us for free appraisals of items they wish to sell. Our focus is wide-ranging but most often we're on the lookout for antiques and collectibles in the areas of: coins, jewellery, watches, memorabilia, sports collectibles, vintage currency, old toys and much more.

If you'd like to book The Great Canadian Roadshow for your group or organization for interactive talks on how to best get the most value for your collectibles, get in touch with us via email at Our team will also come to your venue and determine which items we'd be interested in buying and selling to our deep network of collectors.

For more tips on buying and selling your collectibles, check out our blogs section.

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