November 12, 2019

There’s something about gold and its natural properties that continues to capture the attention of people around the world. For generations, gold has played a significant role in human history – it is a symbol of wealth and is valued among both the rich and poor. Used to decorate the tombs of ancient pharaohs or to adorn the fingers of married couples, gold has and will continue to hold a significant place in human culture and society.

Even to this day, gold is considered a smart investment and a good portfolio diversifier; it is also commonly used as a hedge against inflation and deflation alike. This is primarily due to the fact that this precious metal retains its value despite any financial or geopolitical uncertainty.

If you check out gold prices today you’ll see that gold’s worth has been steadily rising since the beginning of the year, though it’s dropped slightly recently. Growing economic concerns and political unrest around the world are to blame, and both individuals – as well as whole nations – have been stocking up on gold in response.

Collectors Interested in Gold Coins

Though there are many ways to make gold investments (stocks, exchange-traded funds or EFTS, mutual funds, etc.) many investors enjoy actually physically owning gold. This could come in the form of bars or rounds, but one of the more exciting ways is in the form of a coin.

Gold coins are appreciated for their beauty and their collectability. They’re easy to store and because they are issued by government authorities, they are generally seen as more desirable and tradable. Rounds, on the other hand, are issued by private mints and it can therefore be more difficult to find buyers for them in the future.

They’re also small and easy to hold in your hands, and come with pretty designs that can be admired. It’s one of the easiest ways to appreciate the beauty of this precious metal while at the same time having it in a form that is both collectible and easy to display and admire.

Popular Gold Coin Choices

As Toronto's trusted source for selling gold we are experienced with handling all kinds of gold items, including jewellery, gold scraps, bullion, and gold coins! We’ve seen a number of specimens come our way, and our experts are familiar with all of the popular choices that investors and collectors look for when purchasing gold coins.

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Let’s take a look at ten of the more valued specimens of gold coins out there.

1. One Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

If you check out our previously purchased page you’ll see that we recently bought one of these treasured coins for $1,895.00! That should give you some indication of how much these things are worth. These are linked directly to the price of gold on the stock market, and are looked at as one of the most popular investment vehicles when it comes to gold bullion. Muzeum offers to buy gold ounces starting at 95% of the current stock market price – with flexibility to pay more if there are additional ounces of gold/silver, coins, paper money or jewellery as part of the purchase.

gold prices today

The Royal Canadian Mint has been producing these specimens since 1979, and they continue to see favour among investors. The ones that were made from 1979 to 1982 carry three 9s while those after carry four. In 2004, the Royal Canadian Mint started producing 24k coins at .99999 fine for its 25th anniversary.

This coin is considered the world’s purest and each one is stamped with the .9999 guarantee of purity and “1 OZ OR PUR.” Because of its purity, quality, and continued availability, it is a highly sought after coin by both investors and collectors and will likely continue to maintain its value. Also an important note, any bullion sold meeting the requirement of 99.5% fine gold, or 99.9% fine silver are considered financial instruments under Canadian law and exempt of HST.

2. One Ounce American Eagle Gold Coin

This coin is a true example of American spirit. It’s guaranteed by the U.S. Mint for its content and purity so much so that all metals used in its making are drawn from U.S. mines. Its 22k alloy contains 3% silver and 5.33% copper for durability with 91.67% fineness.

This coin is issued in limited numbers each year and is available to investors as proofs or uncirculated coins. Because of its popularity, the American Eagle gold coin is incredibly easy to sell, trade, and value. Both collectors and investors love to own them for their beauty and as a protective investment against economic crisis.

3. One Ounce American Buffalo Gold Coin

This American coin debuted in 2006 from U.S. Mint in response to Canada’s 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. It offers .9999 fine 24k gold and is the purest gold coin that the U.S. Mint produces. You can check its purity by the stamp “1 OZ .9999 FINE GOLD” that’s located on its reverse side.

Compared to the 1 oz American Eagle gold coin, the Buffalo is typically less popular. This is largely due to the fact that the Eagle is considered a patriotic American symbol.

4. ½ Oz or Half Ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin

First issued in 1986, the 1/2 oz Gold Maple Leaf coin is recognized as legal tender in Canada that carries a face value of $20. These gold coins are 99.99% pure gold, and the esteemed reputation from the Royal Canadian Mint makes them a highly liquid asset and an effective means of storing value.

5. 1/10th oz or Tenth Ounce Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

Quarter ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins are popular because they are a great way to own smaller fractions of gold coins that are easy to trade as well as guaranteed by the Canadian government. They are also available in smaller sizes such 1/10, 1/20, 1/25 oz and in 2014 the Canadian Mint added a 1-gram option.

You can recognize this one as the quarter coin because it will be stamped with “1/10 OZ OR PUR” and “9999.” With a legal tender value of $5 Canadian, it is a go-to coin acquisition for those who want access to significant but portable quantities of 24k gold.

Bring Your Gold Coins to Muzeum

Muzeum buys all gold items and we will buy any of your gold coins, including Canadian, American, and coins from around the world! We offer free evaluations and one of our experts would be happy to guide you through the process.

Bring Your Gold Coins to Muzeum

So if you are looking to sell your gold coins there’s no better place to be – stop by Muzeum and find out why we’re the only place you should go to sell gold in Toronto!

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