Set of 6 Original Limited Edition Lithographs from the Classic Artists Series Number One

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The Lithograph of Barrie Wentzells' original photograph, designed for the classic artist series, is limited to one printing in this size, and format, consisting of 600 prints of each artist. It has been laser separated and printed in black, 2 greys and a varnish on neutral pH (archival quality), number one dull coated, cover weight paper. The photographer Barrie Wentzell and Poet Roy Hollingsworth guarantee that the plates for this lithograph run have been destroyed after printing, and certify that no other limited prints will be authorized (as stated in the certificate of authenticity).

The series consists of: 

- 1 "The Beatles" lithograph (25" x 17")

- 1 "Bob Dylan" lithograph (25" x 17")

- 1 "Jimi Hendrix" lithograph (25" x 17")

- 1 "Eric Clapton" lithograph (25" x 17")

- 1 "Mick Jagger" lithograph (25" x 17")

- 1 "Leonard Cohen" lithograph (25" x 17")

- Certificate of Authenticity (25" x 17")