1866 Fenian War Medal - Private Joseph Barry

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Awarded to Joseph Barry - Private - Rifle Brigade 4th Battalion (engraved on Medal rim), while serving under Colonel Elrington. The medal was awarded for his bravery on June 10th, 1866 after fending off the Fenian Invasion at St. Armand. The Fenian raids were between 1866 and 1871, whereby the Fenian Brotherhood, an Irish Republican organization based in the United States attacked British army forts, customs ports and other targets in Canada, to bring pressure on Britain to withdraw from Ireland.
Given Name(s): Joseph
Surname: Barry
Rank: Private
Regiment: Rifle Brigade 4th Battalion
Medal/Honour/Award: Canada General Service Medal
Event/Time Period: Fenian Raids (1866)
Volume: 10

Page: 162
Microfilm Reel Number: C-1863
Reference: RG 9 IIA5
Item Number: 14711