14k Yellow/White Gold Diamond and Sapphire Ring - 3.2g

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One lady’s 14k yellow and white gold diamond and sapphire ring featuring:


Shape: 2 Round Mixed Cuts

Setting: Bezel

Measurements: 2.95 x 2.90 x 1.90 mm (est.)

Carat: 0.28 ct. tw. (est.)

Hue: Blue

Tone: Medium Dark

Saturation: Strong

Transparency: Transparent

Clarity: Moderately Included

Cut: Good


Shape: 3 Round Brilliant Cuts

Setting: Bezel

Carat: 0.21 ct. tw. (est.)

Color: F-G

Clarity:I1 * Diamonds Chipped

Cut: Medium


Total Weight of Item: 3.2

Item is stamped and trademarked.

Estimated Retail Replacement Value: $1,450