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Maybe you’ve been put off by the numbers. When 10 bottles of 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild go for $343,000, it can feel as though a wine auction is a wee bit … inaccessible. Or maybe you think buying wine at auction is a stuffy process, involving sitting on uncomfortable chairs in bland boardrooms, raising paddles out of sheer boredom. Wine auctions, you figure, are not for you. Well, you’re wrong. Wine auctions are no longer just one thing. I’ve been to raucous live sales where collectors battled for expensive bottles while sipping Krug champagne and savoring food by Daniel Boulud. But you...

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One in six UK investors hold collectible investments in their portfolios, a recent study by Lloyds Private Banking shows. Jewellery is the most popular alternative investment, followed by rare coins and antiques. Collectibles are defined as being able to be touched and moved. They're characterised by limited supply, and their value depends on whether people want to own them. When equity markets are sluggish and volatile and bond markets offer poor value, investors tend to turn to alternative investment opportunities. Some investors argue that collectibles can be used to diversify portfolios and protect against inflation. DIVERSIFICATION OPPORTUNITIES In the Lloyds...

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