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As kids, we were all probably engrossed in toys at one time or another. Heck, we probably nagged our parents for a toy every time we walked down the toy aisle during family outings; I mean, who wasn’t asked their parents for a new toy? It’s just one thing that comes with being a kid. Those of us who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s are likely familiar with how we used to rely on toys for entertainment; we didn’t have fancy things like Youtube or iPads to amuse us, we entertained ourselves with our toys. Sure, we could have watched some...

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Hamburger Harry Sperl is one of Daytona Beach's more eccentric residents. During Bike Week, Daytona's annual motorcycle rally, you can find him riding down Main Street in his custom-made Hamburger Harley. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. His 2,500 square foot home, a few blocks from the ocean, is a shrine to all things hamburger related: Big Boy statues, pieces of McDonald's playgrounds, hamburger light fixtures, hamburger toys, hamburger posters, a hamburger water bed. He even owns the blue AMC Pacer used as a delivery car in the movie Good Burger. He bought it from a private seller...

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How great was it to be a kid and have a bedroom full of toys to play with? You didn't have to worry about work and you didn't even know what a mortgage was, but you did have a brand new Furby and couldn't be pulled away from your Super Nintendo. But what you might not realise is that your old toys could now be worth thousands, so perhaps it's time to rummage in the loft or garage and hope your parents didn't throw them away as soon as you moved out. To help you in your search, here's a...

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Believe it or not, NASA used to utilize a decidedly creepy robot to test space suits meant for real-life astronauts. Now it can be yours if you so desire, as it's currently up for sale as part of RR Auctions' Remarkable Rarities Auction. The Power-Driven Articulated Dummy was designed specifically for NASA by the IIT Research Institute between 1963 and 1965 for the express purpose of testing space suits. Given the many hazards that utilizing a robot could avoid, NASA went with this robot to measure things like how much pressure was being applied by their space suits, what kind...

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When you turn on your television these days, it’s hard to miss programs about buying and selling antiques. Joe Willard, author of the indispensable Picker’s Bible: How To Pick Antiques Like The Pros, counts more than 70 different shows in this genre. “There is fervor in collecting, restoring, selling and identifying,” he writes. “You can learn how to fix and clean stuff, but if you really want to gain a skill, just don’t repair, but actually restore if possible. Collectors and dealers never like to see any kind of obvious modifications, but a true restoration adds so much more value...

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