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When you turn on your television these days, it’s hard to miss programs about buying and selling antiques. Joe Willard, author of the indispensable Picker’s Bible: How To Pick Antiques Like The Pros, counts more than 70 different shows in this genre. “There is fervor in collecting, restoring, selling and identifying,” he writes. “You can learn how to fix and clean stuff, but if you really want to gain a skill, just don’t repair, but actually restore if possible. Collectors and dealers never like to see any kind of obvious modifications, but a true restoration adds so much more value...

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Muhammad Ali's 1974 WBC heavyweight championship boxing belt and a handwritten letter about his conversion to Islam are among items that will hit the auction block in September, in the biggest such sale since Ali's death in June. Heritage Auctions said on Friday that the auction will include the trunks Ali wore for his "Rumble in the Jungle" victory over George Foreman in Zaire in 1974. The gloves worn by Sonny Liston when he lost his title to Ali in 1964 are also among 79 lots in the Sept. 10 auction. Ali's 1964 letter to Life magazine, in which he...

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From a mechanical corkscrew and wine-pouring machine to a 1904 Olympic gold medal awarded to an amateur golfer, a selection of the unusual and unique will go under the hammer in Christie's "Out of the Ordinary" auction. More than 90 lots are up for grabs in the Sept. 14 sale in London, the auction house said. Other items include a set of keys belonging to the lamp trimmer on board the Titanic and a history of the Leica camera including 107 of the principal models, according to the auctionhouse. "Robert Hunter was a 17 year-old amateur golfer and this medal...

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