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If you want to learn more about selling your antiques and vintage items, you'll want to read this post about bringing The Great Canadian Roadshow to your community.

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In the first part of our series letting you peek behind the Muzeum curtain, we revealed how our team prepare for our Roadshow, a three-day event inviting Ontario residents to bring us their antiques and collectibles to sell for top dollar. This week we want to give you a glimpse of what happens during the Roadshow. Take a look below to see how our Toronto outlet works with you to ensure you get the highest value for your jewellery, antiques, collectibles and memorabilia.  First, you have to find us! We're in the heart of Toronto's historic Yorkville district, at 14...

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We want to give you a peek behind the curtains to let you learn how Muzeum prepares for the events letting you come see what we have in store.

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This Roadshow will take place at Muzeum at 14 Prince Arthur Avenue from July 6 to 8, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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The Great Canadian Roadshow lets you bring to us your collectibles, jewellery, antiques, sports memorabilia, coins and much more in order for us to assess the value of your old items.

After an assessment with our specialists, you might be walking home with a cheque!

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