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BEIJING—Marilyn Monroe’s dress from “Some Like It Hot.” Handwritten notes and letters expressing the H ollywood icon’s inner thoughts and, at times, despair. These and dozens of other personal items the actress left to a friend and mentor were in Beijing on Tuesday for a private viewing by Chinese collectors. More than 1,200 items, including Monroe’s shoes, purses, makeup and jewelry, will then be auctioned in Los Angeles come November. The 1950s actress who achieved fame as a sex symbol led a troubled life and died aged just 36. The image and recollections of her have endured and made her...

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The BBC’s Antiques Roadshow has made one of the finest finds in its nearly 40-year run while filming in Harrogate, England. The item discovered is a long-lost painting by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, considered one of the most significant artists of the Victorian period. The show’s pictures expert, Rupert Maas, referred to the sensational discovery as one of the “best pictures we have ever seen on the Roadshow in its entire history.” It was valued at between €230,000 and €350,000 ($300,000 – $450,000). The painting is a portrait of the artist’s friend and colleague, the etcher Leopold Löwenstam in his studio,...

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Of all the pro sports, basketball fans are undoubtedly the thirstiest when it comes to throwback gear and collectibles. With so many star players that transcend time, nostalgia levels are high. Luckily, the NBA (and its fans) provides an endless array of options when you’re looking for something old-school that will keep your style game on point. Remembering the golden moments of basketball’s past through clothing demonstrates your true fandom, with credible knowledge of the sport’s history and the fits to display your expertise. Rocking the gear below will intimidate competitors in your fantasy league, and let executives at your...

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President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy lived two very different public lives: first they were famous Hollywood actors and then decades later, they spent eight years in the White House, a tenure that occurred as the Cold War cooled and Americans were allured by a new conservative movement. Throughout all of that glamour, the Reagans maintained a simplicity in their private lives, especially as it relates to the collection of furniture, decorations and other trinkets they acquired over the years. “They bought nice things,” says Andy McVinish, regional director for decorative arts of Christie’s Americas. “There was a sort...

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How great was it to be a kid and have a bedroom full of toys to play with? You didn't have to worry about work and you didn't even know what a mortgage was, but you did have a brand new Furby and couldn't be pulled away from your Super Nintendo. But what you might not realise is that your old toys could now be worth thousands, so perhaps it's time to rummage in the loft or garage and hope your parents didn't throw them away as soon as you moved out. To help you in your search, here's a...

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