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Albert Einstein thought he had made the breakthrough of his career and wrote a letter to his son sharing the news. It turned out not to be so. But in his letter, the physicist took a rare moment to reflect on his life's work and offered a glimpse into his fond relationship with his son.  The one-page handwritten letter is being auctioned this week by Boston's RR Auction. It could fetch more than $100,000 US, company officials said.  In the letter, which is estimated to be from 1929, Einstein tells his son, Eduard Einstein, that he has made a major...

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As kids, we were all probably engrossed in toys at one time or another. Heck, we probably nagged our parents for a toy every time we walked down the toy aisle during family outings; I mean, who wasn’t asked their parents for a new toy? It’s just one thing that comes with being a kid. Those of us who grew up during the 80’s and 90’s are likely familiar with how we used to rely on toys for entertainment; we didn’t have fancy things like Youtube or iPads to amuse us, we entertained ourselves with our toys. Sure, we could have watched some...

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NEW YORK, N.Y. – A large-format camera used by 20th-century photographer Ansel Adams to record some of the nation’s most enduring images is going on the auction block in New York this month. Heritage Auctions is offering the Arca-Swiss 4 by 5 view camera on Oct. 27. It says the camera and Adams’ three lenses, a tripod, a case and other accessories could fetch more than $70,000. The items are being sold by heirs of Adams’ assistant Lillian DeCock. Adams used the camera between 1964 and 1968. He then gave the camera and accessories to her. Among images he captured...

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Hamburger Harry Sperl is one of Daytona Beach's more eccentric residents. During Bike Week, Daytona's annual motorcycle rally, you can find him riding down Main Street in his custom-made Hamburger Harley. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. His 2,500 square foot home, a few blocks from the ocean, is a shrine to all things hamburger related: Big Boy statues, pieces of McDonald's playgrounds, hamburger light fixtures, hamburger toys, hamburger posters, a hamburger water bed. He even owns the blue AMC Pacer used as a delivery car in the movie Good Burger. He bought it from a private seller...

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Star Wars fans can get a rare glimpse at original costumes from the franchise, including one of Darth Vader's suits, in an exhibition open to the public in London later this year. At least 200 original props from all seven films will feature in the interactive show at the O2 in Greenwich. The props have been loaned by the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, established by the saga's creator George Lucas. The exhibition opens on 18 November. 'Fresh perspective on Star Wars' The show, called Star Wars Identities, is interactive and allows visitors to explore the franchise universe, understand how...

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