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JAMESTOWN, Calif. — There’s gold in ‘dem der hills! A prospector in central California found a gold nugget the size of a t-bone steak, reports CBS affiliate KPIX in San Francisco. Now local businesses in in a little town of Jamestown, California about 60 east of Stockton, are banking on a modern gold rush. It was Tuesday afternoon when the owner of the Jamestown Hotel got word his friend had struck gold. He was expecting to see a nugget but … “Oh my god,” said Charlie Morgan when he first saw how big it was. “I thought that’s a lucky guy!” The lucky...

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Source: Special to The Gold Report  (12/16/15) Predicting is a risky sport and predicting markets an extreme one. But understanding can be much more lucrative. After years of speculation about the negative impact a Federal Reserve rate increase could have on gold, a number of our experts took a contrarian view and based on an understanding that the hike was already priced into the gold price, they explained that it would actually benefit the gold price because it would remove the overhanging doubt. And that is exactly what happened. Within hours of the unanimous announcement on Wednesday that the Fed's benchmark...

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