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If you have memorabilia related to ex-presidents, Prime Ministers or political campaigns, you might be sitting on a goldmine that could be worth thousands of dollars.

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Muzeum fans have always been curious about the value of coins and the scourge of coin fraud, so we sat down with one of the world's leading experts on the topic. Read our exclusive Q&A with the author of Fake Coin Bible.

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This week's blog post features several important tips on how to sell your coins, in person or online

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Imagine you're rooting around your couch cushions and find a penny. But this isn't any normal penny. It's a penny worth 25 million times its value. As in $253,000.

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Imagery reminiscent of Canada appear on a new collectible that has the added attraction of being the most affordable silver coin produced by the Royal Canadian Mint.   2017 $3 Spirit of Canada Silver Coin – Obverse and Reverse   Entitled the 2017 Spirit of Canada Pure Silver Coin, each is composed from a bit more than one-quarter troy ounce of 99.99% pure silver and is priced at CAD $19.95, which is about US $15. Spirit of Canada Coin Designs and Specifications Canadian artist Steve Hepburn designed the coin’s reverse (tails side). As the second largest country in the world,...

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